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Lucero - Here at the Starlite

Lucero's Tennessee (2002) remains one of my all-time favourite albums. Lucero slings some loud, rough southern-rock-country-punk. This is a band that has a rabid cult following, but it’s one that I can’t understand hasn’t made more of an impact; at least in the alt-rock world.

The first time I heard Ben Nichols razor-gargled voice it sounded incredibly familiar to me. I thought he sounded like someone else I knew. But seven years after discovering them, I still haven’t figured out who he sounds like. So I guess he just sounds like him.

This song is epic. Seven-plus minutes with some especially brilliant guitar kicking in after the six minute mark.

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Ben Nichols (of Lucero) - The Kid

Lucero fans are a tribe and I’m a card carrying member. I just love their raw, southern-indie-folk-rock sound, rooted in Ben Nichols’s wonderfully gritty voice.

There hasn’t been anything new from them in a while, so when I got an email from my buddy Jeff this morning telling me that Nichols has just released a solo EP called The Last Pale Light in the West, I was downloading the album from eMusic before I finished reading the email. And now I’m on my second straight pass through it.

Love it.